After countless hours of relentless determination, spirited cooperation, and a large dose of night and weekend work, the Hwy 12 Redevelopment Project is nearing its conclusion.  On Saturday September 10th, the official ribbon cutting ceremony was held to commemorate this milestone.  A large turnout of residents and officials were in attendance to celebrate the momentous occasion.  With Supervisor Susan Gorin officiating, she was joined by members of the Community Development Commission, the Mayor, the Springs Community Alliance, as well as local residents and their furry companions, all long anxious to see its completion.  Luckily the day provided beautiful sunny weather to match the palpable excitement of the crowd.  We extend our congratulations and thanks to all the hard work of the whole Green Valley team during this project, but especially Russ Harlan – Construction Manager, Vern Tyree – Inspector, and Liz Ellis – President and Project Manager. It has been a long road, but one that will be appreciated by generations into the future. All thanks to a teams’ continued dedication to see it done right!