Project Description

  • Pavement preservation project
  • Cloverdale Pavement Preservation
  • Pavement Preservation, City of Cloverdale

Design, Construction Management, and Inspection was performed for the pavement maintenance project that sealed and striped 2,100 ft. of Cloverdale Blvd.

According to Caltrans’ Standards and Specifications, slurry seal is a preventative maintenance treatment – a cold mixture of asphalt emulsion binder, specially graded aggregates, curing agents, and water – used to extend the life of a road “in good condition” where wear and tear is not severe. It is a protective weather-tight coating which keeps water from penetrating through cracks while taking the brunt of sun drying and traffic-related damage, preserving the asphalt surface below. Designed to last five to ten years, slurry seal is applied in one pass, resulting in a smoother, fresh looking wearing surface ready for use in hours.

Restriping services included new high-visibility thermoplastic pavement markings, reflective and non-reflective raised pavement markers, and repainted surface lines.