Project Description

  • King Street machinery
  • King Street Sewer project
  • King Street Sewer and Water project

Full-time Construction Inspection is being performed under the direction of the City of Santa Rosa. Located in the heart of the City’s Junior College Neighborhood, the project is replacing approximately 3,800 linear feet of a deficient 6-inch sewer main and 750 linear feet of aging and undersized 4-inch water main. New, larger, and more durable 8-inch PVC mains are being installed. The project involves removal of existing sewer and water system, adjustment of utility structures, installation of sewer laterals, water service lines, and 48-inch precast sewer manholes. Additionally, roadways and sidewalks within the project area are being improved through pavement reconstruction, new pavement striping and raised pavement markers, and new or reconstructed valley gutters. Installation of ADA Accessible Pedestrian Curb Ramps and beautification with ‘street tree’ plantings are also being completed.

Disruptions caused by the presence construction equipment, work-related noise, trench excavation within landscaped front yards and sidewalk, as well as street closures brings new meaning to the phrase “being a good neighbor”. We are maintaining positive public relations by minimizing construction impacts, addressing concerns of each resident, and explaining both the purpose of the project and the overall construction process.