Project Description

  • Salmon Creek Falls Environmental Center
  • Salmon Creek roof
  • Salmon Creek Elementary School

The 6,150 square foot sustainable Salmon Creek Falls Environmental Center is apart of the Salmon Creek Elementary School and integrates passive and active solar elements, a living roof, water and energy efficient systems, rainwater collection system, non-toxic building materials and an organic campus garden. Green Valley collaborated with Persinger Architects to create a natural, sustainable site design that would complement the new green building and provide the community with an environmental education opportunity at the same time.

Green Valley’s services included site grading, drainage, utility plans, hydrology/hydraulic calculations and studies in support of the LEED certification. Natural stormwater runoff controls were attained through the use of wetland creation and buffer strips. We worked to redirect on-site drainage away from the project site and the nearby Salmon Creek to a newly created 10.5 acre wetland on the school site.

To accomplish goals required for LEED certification, Green Valley designed a vegetated swale that treats over 20% of the site runoff. Prior to reaching the vegetated swale, a portion of the stormwater run-off is treated by passing thru a vegetated buffer strip which then sheet flows any remaining drainage to the vegetated swale. Both natural stormwater solution function by slowing runoff velocities and allowing sediment to settle while allowing infiltration of rainwater into underlying soils and increasing evaporation.

Awards and Publications:

  • LEED® Certified Platinum
  • Green Building of America Award
  • Real Estate & Construction Review-Northwest Green Success Stories