Project Description

  • Stewart Drive Storm Drain Rehabilitation
  • Storm Drain Rehabilitation
  • Storm Drain Rehabilitation, Tiburon

Construction Management and Inspection was performed for the storm drain rehabilitation project that replaced a old corrugated steel pipes along Stewart Drive, a busy neighborhood street in the “Tiburon Hills”. The storm drain pipes – an 18-inch mainline and five 12-inch catch basin laterals – were identified as being in poor condition and in need of repair. The pipes were heavily corroded, and in several places, missing their bottom portion. This was causing water to leak into the surrounding soil resulting in the formation of sinkholes in the overlying roadway. Additionally, the pipes were identified as being “clearly undersized” for conveying the peak flows generated by a minor 10-year storm event.

The proactive Construction Management and Inspection team directly saved the town $27,000. Savings were applied to the construction of an additional 50-feet of storm drain improvements.