• Pomo Bluffs Park
  • Laguna Force Main Replacement
  • Mark West Quarry Solar Panels

What is Green Engineering? you ask. Here are some of our ideas of what it means to “be green!” By integrating stormwater with building and landscape systems, we design comprehensive sustainable solutions to promote the filtration, retention, evaporation, infiltration, and reuse of rainwater.

Working in a collaborative manner with landscapers, planners, and community groups to creatively incorporate natural elements into a “typical” design that will reduce runoff, replenish our groundwater supplies, while being visually appealing. Construction of Green Engineering also requires careful consideration of integrating native plants and animals into a built environment. This is implemented through environmental research and permitting.

Sustainable Design Features:

  • Creating a Living Roof
  • Designing and Constructing Wetlands
  • Water and Energy Efficient Systems
  • Rainwater Collection Systems
  • Drainage Outfalls
  • Non-toxic Building Materials
  • Organic Garden
  • Permeable Hardscape Design


  • Pomo Bluffs Park Stabilization of Erosion, Fort Bragg
    Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California, Engineering Excellence Small Firm Merit Award
  • Laguna Force Main Replacement and Environmental Documentation, Santa Rosa
    American Council of Engineering Companies, Engineering Excellence Small Firm Merit Award
    American Society of Civil Engineers, Outstanding Sustainable Engineering Project of the Year
  • Mark West Quarry Solar Panels, Santa Rosa
    American Council of Engineering Companies, Staking on Extreme Terrain Special Award