GVCE Construction Inspector, Sean Lawson, is a mainstay on our City of Santa Rosa CIP projects. His friendly disposition and hands-on ways have earned him the description of a  “real gem” who does a “brilliant job” by “creating the best projects ever to work with”. You would think at this rate, GVCE would be lucky to have one Lawson, but we have THREE!

Mike Lawson (Sean’s father) is also a Construction Inspector and has worked with President, Liz Ellis for decades. Liz stated that Mike mentored her before she went on to start Green Valley. Mike is a seasoned Inspector with a superb reputation and has been described by clients as “professional, courteous and cooperated in every way to provide an excellent finished product.”

It is no surprise with two excellent Lawson men to look up to, that Jaycee Lawson (Sean’s daughter) has exceeded her role as Administrative Assistant at GVCE. Jaycee assists with Payroll, Filing, office organization, and is hailed as the “go to person” for all office staff. Jaycee assisted with successfully pulling off a large scale client and contractor lunch event and several employee holiday parties.

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