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Project Details

2018 Cotati Street Construction & Improvement Project

Project Name

2018 Cotati Street Construction & Improvement Project

Project Location

City of Cotati

Project Description

Green Valley Consulting Engineers was selected to provide Construction Management and Inspection services for this pavement rehabilitation project throughout the City’s “L” section. Green Valley developed a proactive approach to notifying and establishing communications with the surrounding neighborhood. The project was to commence after the start of the school year and required completion before the winter rains. Residents and businesses were provided an upfront schedule illustrating when the work would affect their ingress or egress. This prevented confusion from those directly impacted by the work. Green Valley also reviewed, approved and ensured compliance of a comprehensive Traffic Control Program (TCP) which provided advance warning to the travelling public and reduced neighborhood inconvenience.

The paving rehabilitation was completed by two methods: a two-inch Asphalt Overlay and Full Depth Reclamation (FDR). An overlay is best utilized when a roadway has deteriorated, but the base has not yet been compromised. Digout repairs were identified by our inspector to address localized failures, prior to the overlay. FDR, while providing a cost savings, is ideally suited for long straight thoroughfares. This process utilizes the existing asphalt and base to create a new, stable base section for fresh pavement to be placed. Our experience with the FDR process in the prevalent, expansive, adobe clay assured the successful completion of the project. Additionally, the mix between these two methods provided the City with the desired final product below the budgeted cost. This project also required upgrades to curb ramps per ADA standards. Our inspector worked with the contractor to field fit these ramps, within the tolerances allowed. Due to a proactive approach to identifying deficiencies, the project was completed with a minimal punch list and no construction claims.

Clients Say

"It's been a busy summer and we could not have done it without the help of GVCE's CM Team.  South Starr Road had enough hiccups to keep everyone busy.  Our Construction Manager, Jason, was extremely helpful in solving the (many) unexpected field issues.  We look forward to utilizing GVCE's CM Services on future CIP projects." - South Starr Road Project Jim O'Brien, Project Manager - Town of Windsor