Project Details

Fort Bragg Downtown Streetscape

Project Name

Fort Bragg Downtown Streetscape

Project Location

Fort Bragg, CA

Project Description

Green Valley brought forward the City’s dream of creating a visually exciting urban corridor that was true to the City of Fort Bragg’s Vision Plan to have a downtown where pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users could enjoy a public-friendly and pedestrian safe setting. The City’s vision was to link two important civic and tourism destinations – the Skunk Train Depot and the
downtown shopping core. Green Valley would ultimately reconfigure the roadways to meet these goals. As with any cash strapped municipality, the goal was to get the most “bang for the buck” when making the infrastructure improvements. Green Valley successfully guided project stakeholders through the delicate dance of balancing necessary but not necessarily seen infrastructure improvements such as utilities and pavement, with the attention-grabbing landscape and streetscape components such as plantings, furniture and new lighting.

For the reconstruction of the mile-long streetscape project, Green Valley employed a cost saving and cutting-edge solution called cold-foam asphalt base stabilization and recycling. It consisted of an “in-place” roadway recycling process in which the entire pavement and some of the underlying material was pulverized and treated with a foam asphalt additive to produce an improved stabilization base. In addition, Green Valley provided funding procurement services to support the City as necessary. Design highlights included streetscape furnishings, decorative asphalt stamping and paving tiles, street lighting, ADA upgrades, and reconfiguration of parking and sidewalks. Green Valley conducted an extensive public participation program to satisfy impacted businesses and community groups affected by the project.

Project Awards

Double Award-Winning

Green Valley was recognized by their peers with an Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) and the American Society of Civil Engineers with a Transportation Project of the Year award.

Clients Say

For over 20 years, Windsor Road remained an “incomplete street”. Windsor High students were forced into and across the heavily-trafficked road to reach school. GVCE filled the gaps, creating safety, convenience, and comfort... The traffic improvements made by the Town of Windsor in front of Windsor High has provided families with more drop-off/pick-up convenience in front of the school... We only hear praise from families and students for all of the road improvements! Marc Elin, WHS Principal