Project Details

Pedestrian and Bicycle Paths - Fort Bragg Coastal Trail

Project Name

Pedestrian and Bicycle Paths - Fort Bragg Coastal Trail

Project Location

Fort Bragg, CA

Project Description

Once 25-acres of un-vegetated barren land where fragile coastal bluffs and endangered plant life were almost in ruin, Pomo Bluffs Coastal Park is now preserved in perpetuity for the public and community’s enjoyment and recreation.

Under the oversight of the Coastal Conservancy, Green Valley Consulting Engineers was contracted by the City of Fort Bragg as the prime consultant to design, engineer, and restore this sacred coastal resource. Green Valley collaborated with City representatives to create an attractive and inviting layout of over one mile of pedestrian and bicycle paths that encourage exploration and enjoyment of the Park. Inherent in this objective was the incorporation of aesthetically pleasing and functional site furnishings and judicious placement of viewpoints along the trails. During the planning, focused attention was given to the receding bluffs and a plan was implemented to stabilize the erosion taking place at the face of the bluffs.

Other areas of detail were ocean-view overlooks, public access to the coastal bluff, innovative interpretive signage, restoration of native plants, and a staging area with parking for 45 cars and RV vehicles. Various aesthetically designed amenities, including benches and a pre-fabricated restroom. All improvements were designed to meet ADA and Water Quality Control Board standards.

Clients Say

For over 20 years, Windsor Road remained an “incomplete street”. Windsor High students were forced into and across the heavily-trafficked road to reach school. GVCE filled the gaps, creating safety, convenience, and comfort... The traffic improvements made by the Town of Windsor in front of Windsor High has provided families with more drop-off/pick-up convenience in front of the school... We only hear praise from families and students for all of the road improvements! Marc Elin, WHS Principal