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Sonoma County Regional Parks

Project Name

Sonoma County Regional Parks

Project Location

Sonoma County, CA

Project Description

Green Valley has worked for the Sonoma County Regional Parks Department (SCRP) for over 12 years on projects ranging from small ADA improvements at various County facility buildings to large multi-million dollar Park improvement projects. We currently are under contract with SCRP via an on-call multi-year civil engineering contract. We provide prompt response to informal Request for Proposals and proceed immediately with the work once it is assigned.

Services within this contract include feasibility analyses, engineering design, construction inspection, structural calculations, and land surveying for projects that range from bicycle and pedestrian paths, parks, bridges and retaining walls, to roads, utility systems, drainage plans, erosion control, creek and river restoration, and other various assignments.

Projects recently completed under our on-call Contract include:

  • Wendle By-Pass Access Road
  • Steelhead Beach Kiosk Improvements
  • Bodega Bay FEMA Flood Repairs
  • Central Sonoma Valley Bike and Pedestrian Path Improvements

Clients Say

For over 20 years, Windsor Road remained an “incomplete street”. Windsor High students were forced into and across the heavily-trafficked road to reach school. GVCE filled the gaps, creating safety, convenience, and comfort... The traffic improvements made by the Town of Windsor in front of Windsor High has provided families with more drop-off/pick-up convenience in front of the school... We only hear praise from families and students for all of the road improvements! Marc Elin, WHS Principal