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Construction Inspector

Construction Inspector

Jared is an accomplished Construction Inspector with experience working both on the Contractor side and on the inspection side of municipal infrastructure projects.  He recently was inspector on the University District improvements in the City of Rohnert Park where he was responsible for the public infrastructure of the 1600 unit housing project.  He familiarizes himself with all the relevant standards and applicable codes and works closely with City representatives to ensure they are satisfied with the end product before final acceptance.  His experience includes water, sewer and storm drain infrastructure, as well as bike and pedestrian trails, ADA ramps, curb and gutter, street lights and pavement resurfacing.

He has been commended for his construction oversight skills from his clients, local businesses and residents, and project superintendents for turning what could be difficult situations into pleasant and accommodating experiences.


  • Certified Project Management Certificate, Sonoma State University

Project Experience as Construction Inspector

  • 2021 North Region Overlay, Phase 2, County of Marin
  • North Trunk Sewer Main Installation Project, City of Santa Rosa
  • Pacific Avenue Reconstruction Project, City of Santa Rosa
  • University District / Vast Oaks land Development Project Phase 2, City of Rohnert Park
  • Kerry Road Bridge Improvements at University District / Vast Oaks, City of Rohnert Park

“Jared has done a great job working with the contractor and sorting out the hectic scheduling.”                                                                                                                       -Town of Windsor, Shiloh Left Turn Construction